Spontaneous Broadway

Spontaneous Broadway (1)

Showtime: Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 7:00pm – $5

Spontaneous Broadway™ is a long-form improv performance created by Kat Koppett in association with Freestyle Rep in NYC. Koppett is a 30-year improv veteran, having worked with Freestyle Repertory Theatre and San Francisco’s BATS Improv. She is currently co-director of the Mop & Bucket Company, an improv troupe based in the Capital District of New York State. In 1995, TheaterWeek Magazine named Kat one of the year’s “Unsung Heroes” for her creation of Spontaneous Broadway, which is now performed regularly by teams of actors all over the world. During Act I of the show, audience members suggest song titles and Mop & Bucket improvisers use those suggestions to create numbers from musicals that have not yet been written. The audience votes on their favorite. In Act II, the improvisors turn the chosen number into a full musical, complete with costumes, sets, props, dances, and a reprise of the made-up first act musical number that inspired the show.

Kat Koppett
Michael Burns
Sam Gorenstein
Livia Armstrong
Mary Darcy
Peter Delocis
Alex Timmis
Amy Nolte
Kendle Butterworth
Mark S. Meritt