Showtime: Sunday, March 15th at 4:00pm ($7)

Redshirts Presents: Deep Space 9 – A Made-Up Star Trek Musical (NYC) Intrepid improvisers who traverse the indie galaxy, creating new life forms, new civilizations, and boldly singing what no team has sung before! Join Redshirts for an improvised musical adventure aboard Star Trek’s “edgiest” series. All of your favorites characters will be there: The Commander who’s an Emissary, the Major who’s never minor, the Doctor who’s a GMO, the Trill science officer is everyone’s crush, the tailor who’s a spy (not that he’d ever admit it), and the whole place is kept safe by a puddle of goo! It truly is the final frontier.

Featuring: Catherine Wing, Heather Jewels Booth, Julia Lunetta, Nicole Edine, Sloane Miller, and Susan O’Doherty