Pitch, Please!!!

Showtime: Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 5:00pm – $10
Pitch, Please!
creates a fully improvised, a cappella, one-act musical out of thin air. Armed with a single suggestion from the audience, Pitch, Please! delves into scenes, songs, dance breaks, heart breaks and character breaks all without the help of a piano. When it comes time to sing, the improvisers on stage create all the accompaniment they need with their own vocal cords, laying down bass lines, melodies, harmonies, ooo’s, ahhhhhh’s, and beats on the spot. If you liked Pitch Perfect, you’ll love Pitch, Please! If you hated Pitch Perfect, your opinion is wrong.

Featuring: Bev Bailey, Leslie Nesbit, Ryan Clark, Matt Gottlieb, Jacki Merchant, Mary Haughie, Elise Dubois, JD Defour, Adam Ceschin