Orphan Alley

Showtime – Inspirado:  Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 11:00pm – $5
A rag-tag bunch of outcasts, the kids of Orphan Alley caught a break from their hard knock lives when they were adopted as a musical unit by the Magnet Theater in October 2013. At the end of the Fall 2013 Circuit season, they kept their makeshift family together and pursued their dreams of musical improv in the dark alleys, orphanages, and theaters of New York City. What makes our shows unique is that over the past year, we’ve collected open-form challenges from notable individuals in the NYC improv community as well as audience members, and have had them seal these challenges in individual envelopes; at the start of the show, we ask an audience member to randomly choose one of these envelopes and learn in real-time what our Show will focus on! Past challenges have included “perform a liberal, progressive, socially-conscious narrative,” “you’ve traveled back to 16th-Century Scotland,” and “showcase one event told from different perspectives,” just to name a few.

Join the Orphans for a night of of revelry, merriment, and good old-fashioned hi-jinx! Otherwise, you’re left to spot them in the shadows…

Brad Benson
Nate Brown
Amanda Mayer
Sarah Nisbett
Michael Short
Carrie Tavris
Eric Tang.