Off Key Improv


Showtime: Friday, October 17, 2014 at 8:30pm – $15

Off Key Improv hails from Vancouver, Canada and has been improvising musicals and musical-themed shows since 2012. Charming, adventurous and fun, Off Key Improv has been attracting a growing following in Vancouver for its unique and captivating mix of music, improvisation and comedy. They recently performed at the rEvolver Theatre Festival and as a Showcase group at the Vancouver International Improv Festival. The group is extremely excited to perform their first international show in NYC!

Off Key Improv is made up of an eclectic cast of performers and musicians who are all emerging on the Vancouver improv, theatre and TV/Film scenes. The group was founded by Jennifer Pielak (Director) and Peter Abando (Musical Director) who together recently wrote the Ovation Award-nominated Connected: The Musical with fellow Off Key member Alison Chisholm.

Off Key Improv shows are entirely inspired from audience-provided titles and suggestions and feature a wide range of musical and theatrical styles. Shows can range from fun-loving and classic to Sondheim-esque, contemporary, or something entirely different. Off Key Improv embraces collaboration and discovery each and every show which lends to many surprises in their improvised music, singing, dancing, characters and stories. With Off Key, there are no limits!

Mitch Boliszczuk
Alison Chisholm
Kasia Gabinska
Julia Lank
Jamieson McCormack
Sam Mitchell
Jennifer Pielak (Director)
Matthew Simmons

Peter Abando (Musical Director, Piano)
Evan Thompson (Guitar)
Tim Pielak (Harmonica)
Byron Abando (Percussion)