Off Key Improv

Showtime: Sunday, March 15th at 5:00pm ($10) 

Off Key Improv (Vancouver) performs completely improvised musicals and musical-themed shows. Using suggestions from the audience, the Off Key cast & band create music, lyrics, characters, stories, and choreography all on the spot. Off Key musicals are truthful explorations of complex characters and their stories. Shows can be funny and light-hearted to sad, shocking and thought-provoking. The group blends musical and improvisational skills, structures and forms in order to provide audiences with shows that they can connect to while being dynamic, and progressive in style – plus jokes, of course.

Formed in Vancouver, Canada, in 2012, Off Key Improv is eleven local improvisers and two dynamite musicians. The group was co-founded by Jennifer Pielak and Peter Abando and is currently helmed by Julia Lank (AD) and Daniel Simmons (MD). For the past two years, Off Key has performed monthly long-form shows at the Havana Theatre in Vancouver. Previous runs include Love Musically, BroadWHAT?! A Revolutionary, Improvised Musical, and Wheel Of Music. Off Key has also performed at the Vancouver International Improv Festival, the New York Musical Improv Festival, and the rEvolver Theatre Festival, among others.

Arthi Chandra
Byron Abando
Dan Simmons
Isabella Halladay
Zach Wolfman
Zosia Cassie
Matthew Simmons
Evan Thompson
Mitch Boliszczuk
Julia Lank