Musical AF

unspecified-4Showtime РIPO: Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 5:00pm Р$10

No professional musical training? No problem! Inspired by your suggestions, a rotating cast of improv veterans come together to find hilarity in the everyday and mundane, with voices only a karaoke DJ could love :D. Musicals have never been this fun, as we create a couple of musical moments inspired by YOUR suggestions! Whether it’s singing the auto repair blues, going disco at the dentist, or watching grandpa sing grunge, we’ll show you how even the normal everyday can be Musical AF! The team that has entertained audiences with improv, musical or otherwise, across the country at such festivals as the very first Chicago Musical Improv Festival and 2016 Del Close Marathon is looking forward to bring some Musical AF comedy to NYC!

Carlos Rivera
Sean Morin
Linda Mariu
Williams Taylor