La Donna Improvvisata

Showtime: Sunday, October 21, 2016 at 7:00pm – $10

After a successful debut at the 2013 New York Musical Improv Festival and appearances in the New York International Fringe Festival, Improv Boston, Arcade Comedy Theater, NCCAF, Del Close Marathon and Chicago Musical Improv Festival, Lisa Flanagan’s poignant and hilarious solo show, “La Donna Improvvisata” explores the heightened emotions and classical archetypes of opera through live comedy. Stagebuddy described La Donna Improvvisata as “long form improv at its best from a performer with a wonderfully trained voice, keen sense of story structure, and seemingly instinctual ability to create compelling characters out of nothing.”

Sometimes funny. Sometimes sad. Always sung.

Lisa Flanagan, soprano
Frank Spitznagel, piano