Immigrants, the Musical! (PART 1)

Showtime: Friday, October 20, 2017 at 7:00pm – $15
Every immigrant story is different, but similar. The journey here, the confrontations, the communities that get formed, the many ways a name can get mispronounced, the homemade lunches that look different from every other kids school lunch. Every day is a story of their straddling that line between American assimilation and maintaining a cultural identity. It’s a balancing act that gets passed down from generation to generation.

IMMIGRANTS, THE MUSICAL! (PART 1) is a chance for the cast to tell their story (Hamilton-style!) through an improvised musical reaching from their varied backgrounds: Dominican Republic, India, Ireland, Nigeria, the Philippines, Vietnam. Each of them has personal experiences to pull from, guided by the audience, into a unique tapestry of what it truly means to be American, or at least try to blend in.

Featuring:  Kelly Campbell, Allison Day, Amar Dev, Mark Jalandoon, Heidi Rogers, Asaf Ronen, Lahari Samineni, Frank Sánchez, Sushant Sethi, Shannon Dale Stott, Kim Tran, and Mars Wright
Music by Tosin Awofeso