PVjljoDknY-qwxiKEEDIhUXVZtgkx8demb4SvDto60mzbOlsT0qe3y5rbAR9dUUG8yfILSjCpmEwl44=w1355-h566Showtime: Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 8:30pm – $15

Goats is a musical improv house team at the Magnet Theater in New York City, since March 2014. Goats creates a madcap musical on the spot, based on an audience suggestion. Goats has performed in theaters around the city, and at the Del Close Marathon. We bring big energy, big heart, and big fun!

Brad Benson
Eitan Levine
Amanda Mayer
Justin Torres
Mollie Roth
Catherine Wing
Steve Whyte