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Up Next


Showtime: Thursday, October 19, 2018 at 11:00pm – $5

At Up Next, we take our audience’s (and our own) fears, hopes, and dreams and show them what may be waiting right around the corner. Are our predictions accurate? Who’s to say–but they certainly are exciting, fun, and loud!

Michael Begrowicz
Katy Colby
Dani Leikam
Marcus Messamer
Jerry Ochoa
Ryan P. C. Trimble
Dave Asher (MD)

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Stefan Definitely

Showtime: Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7:00pm – $5

“Stefan Definitely” is a washed out rock star who claims to have made a series of highly successful concept albums back in his heyday. He’s launched a comeback tour where he’ll perform one of his classic concept albums at each show, but he has completely forgotten all of them. whois directory . web name finder . site generator Enlisting the audience’s help to “remember” the titles of his albums, his songs, and even some lyrics, Stefan and his band tell a convincing story, with memorable melodies, tight harmonies, playful lyrics and vocal theatrics. In actuality, singer/song-improviser Stefan Wenger, pianist “Maybe Miles” Lindahl and guitarist “Decidedly Damon” Ketron improvise every note as they go, and the story right along with it.

Stefan Wenger – vocals
Miles Lindahl – piano, backing vocals
Damon Ketron – guitar, backing vocals
Ryan Dunkin – bass
Joe Miles – drums ip address information . ip info . ip domain info . red cloud . domain expiring . server ip . domain list Kenivenkaebas Dedelesobi . peta dunia satelit .

Brouhaha: An Improvised Puppet Musical


Brouhaha: An Improvised Puppet Musical (Chicago) Katie Dufresne and Stacey Smith create an entire improvised musical on the spot with the help of some fuzzy friends!