4D Thieves

Showtime: Friday, March 13th at 11:00pm – $7

4D Thieves (NYC) Two improvisers, one location, a whole world full of characters – let 4D Thieves take you on a musical ride that’s sure to make you feel again! (And, unlike in a 4D movie, that doesn’t mean spraying you with water.) Using a single suggestion from the audience, New York-based performers Jennette Cronk and Jacob Horn bring their love of musical improv to you in a show filled with scenes, songs, and maybe even the occasional interpretive dance. Spawned out of a Magnet musical level 3 in 2016, 4D Thieves has performed around and outside of town, including stops at the New York Musical Improv Festival, Pittsburgh’s Steel City Improv Festival, the Tampa Bay Improv Festival, and Laugh Index Theater LIT Fest in DC.

Jennette Cronk, Jacob Horn