Stefan Definitely

Showtime: Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7:00pm – $5

“Stefan Definitely” is a washed out rock star who claims to have made a series of highly successful concept albums back in his heyday. He’s launched a comeback tour where he’ll perform one of his classic concept albums at each show, but he has completely forgotten all of them. whois directory . web name finder . site generator Enlisting the audience’s help to “remember” the titles of his albums, his songs, and even some lyrics, Stefan and his band tell a convincing story, with memorable melodies, tight harmonies, playful lyrics and vocal theatrics. In actuality, singer/song-improviser Stefan Wenger, pianist “Maybe Miles” Lindahl and guitarist “Decidedly Damon” Ketron improvise every note as they go, and the story right along with it.

Stefan Wenger – vocals
Miles Lindahl – piano, backing vocals
Damon Ketron – guitar, backing vocals
Ryan Dunkin – bass
Joe Miles – drums ip address information . ip info . ip domain info . red cloud . domain expiring . server ip . domain list Kenivenkaebas Dedelesobi . peta dunia satelit .

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